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HOA property management

We are aware of how difficult it can be to govern a neighborhood in Vancouver, Washington. Therefore, the team at Association Management Services does its best to manage efficiently and build strong relationships between neighbors. Besides, AMS in Vancouver ( thrives in forming a significant correlation between neighborhoods and other boards in general. Their team […]

Property Management in Portland Oregon

Property management is meant to take off the burden of dealing with customers in matters such as the collection of rent, leasing of property, selling, and many other activities related to property management. The good news is that there are many property management companies in Portland Oregon. Hiring a property manager is a smart move […]

Home Reverse Mortgage Explained

You are a senior citizen and you have owned your home for more than 40 years. Time after time, you have seen some celebrity appear on your television screen telling you about the many advantages of taking out a reverse mortgage.  They make the reverse mortgage sound so appealing, but you remain cautious because of […]

Real Estate In Oregon

The real estate market right now is a very weird thing. You would expect that it would be at a standstill, or worse, on a downward spiral. However, in Oregon, the market is actually rising by creeps and tip-toes. In other words, it is gradually inching up like numbers on an ancient abacus.  That is […]

1031 Exchange In Oregon

Do you want to sell one property and replace it with another of similar value? Would you like to save some money while at it? In that case, you need to familiarize yourself with 1031 exchanges. A 1031 exchange, also known as a Starker exchange after the leading case law on the matter, is a […]