Real Estate In Oregon

Real Estate In Oregon

The real estate market right now is a very weird thing. You would expect that it would be at a standstill, or worse, on a downward spiral. However, in Oregon, the market is actually rising by creeps and tip-toes. In other words, it is gradually inching up like numbers on an ancient abacus. 

That is great news for people selling homes in this state, but probably not such great news if you are a buyer. Considering this current trend, you might want to examine why you want to buy a home here. Of course, most of your reasons might entail all of the interesting and noteworthy things you can do as a resident in the state of Oregon. 

Settling in Turner, Oregon

If you buy a house in Turner, OR, there is a pretty good chance you will hear the locals talk about the “Enchanted Forest.” While it sounds more mysterious than it should, it is actually a backyard sort of amusement park that has continuously expanded over the years. Unless you were to move into this area of Oregon, you might never hear about it. 

Settling on the Coast Just Outside of Portland

Not only do you save yourself a lot of money on a house by choosing to buy away from the heart of Portland, OR, but you also put yourself closer to national parks and some of the most bizarre, fascinating, and unusual landmarks. On the point of Cape Meares in Tillamook, just a short drive from Portland, there is a fascinating tree with eight outstretched trunks that makes the tree look like an octopus. In fact, the the tree is known as “the octopus tree of Oregon.” If you really want to explore this after you buy a home near here, visit the tree in the early morning hours when the fog rolls in off the sea for the most eerie sight you’ve never seen.

Settling Near Mitchell, OR

To the south and east of Portland is the city of Mitchell, OR. This is the desert area of the state, well-known for its more arid climes most of the year. Here is where people settle who love the views of the painted desert hills that rise above the horizon. Mitchell residents say there’s nothing like a sunrise on the painted hills every morning, but that will be up to you to decide if you choose to buy a home here.

Living in or Near Oregon’s Mountains

Maybe you like living in or near mountains instead. Oregon certainly has its share of beautiful mountain ranges. In particular, Mt. Hood is the most iconic of all Oregon mountains and you can see it for miles and miles in many directions. The mountain itself is in a national park, so the closest you’ll get is living in a city at the foot of the mountain range. However, waking up to the sight of Mt. Hood everyday and being able to ski or hike all year long is definitely worth the extra price you might pay to buy a home close to the mountains. 

Bend, OR Has Even More Strange to Explore

Bend, OR is another city a lot of newcomers to Oregon tend to inhabit. Homes here are mostly modest with a little quaint, but the real attraction is the five miles of lava-formed tunnels underneath the city. People come to explore these tunnels, and often stay because they like the town. Check out the real estate, and then check out the lava-cast tunnels running everywhere underneath the city.

To find out more about real estate in Oregon, be sure to visit Visit Oregon Real Estate to see listings from all around Oregon.

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