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Home should be more than just a place to hang your hat, we can help you transform it into a spectacular work of art. Oregon Outdoor Lighting considers your property to be a canvas for creativity and we are excited to help you bring every detail to life through thoughtful patterns of color and illumination. Whether you would like a more modest and an understated design or prefer an extravagant display that is sure to catch the eye, the sky is the limit with our LED landscape lighting system.


The message you convey through your light display can be as simple or complex as you wish. We encourage you to “think outside the box” and seriously consider what design will best represent your personality or goal. Choosing the most effective type of lighting for your purpose is imperative and we take pleasure in helping you understand the many options available and which types are best suited to your lighting needs. Here are some specific examples of commonly used LED lighting options.

  • Path Lighting – Path lighting is used to assist people with navigating safely in the dark while invoking an aura of romance and splendor.
  • Highlighting – Highlighting is when lighting is installed at the base of a specific feature such as a statue or fountain.
  • Silhouetting – Silhouetting is accomplished by installing lighting behind a feature or angled toward a nearby wall.
  • Shadowing – Shadowing occurs when lighting is placed at the base of a feature but pointed toward a nearby wall to create a shadowing effect.
  • Washing – Washing is a technique used when placing lights a short distance away from a wall or shrubs at an indirect angle.
  • Up-lighting – Uplighting is an effective way to emphasize the contrast between light and shadow by projecting light upward towards a wall or feature.
  • Down-lighting – Downlighting is intended to illuminate the base of a feature or wall by shining down from above from a tree or structure. .
  • Accenting – Accenting uses up-lighting or down-lighting, or a combination of both, to bring special attention to a specific feature by taking advantage of the extraordinary contrasting effects of shadow
  • Moonlighting – Moonlighting creates an air of enchantment and mystique by casting a soft glow downward from high above in the foliage of a tree.


While we continue to stand by our commitment to our long-time customers who still enjoy their own masterpieces constructed out of halogen and incandescent lighting, consumers can now look forward to enjoying the many added benefits LED lights have to offer.

  • Lower your electricity bill – LED lights use only a fraction of the electricity required by halogen and incandescent lights thereby creating less impact on your electric bill each month.
  • Lasts longer – LED lights have a lifespan approximately fifty times longer than that of a typical incandescent light and around twenty times longer than halogen.
  • Easy to clean – It’s quick and easy to keep LED lenses clean and clear of dirt and smudges to maintain a nice bright shine.
  • LED is an investment – By comparison, the cost of purchasing and installing LED lighting is higher than that of traditional light sources, but the difference in electricity used and longevity of the product will save money in the long run.
  • Better for the environment – LED lights do not produce any UV rays, contain no mercury or lead and are very energy efficient.
  • Reduced safety risk – LED lights do not get as hot as traditional lights and therefore are not considered a fire hazard should they come in contact with dry leaves or other potentially flammable material.
  • Same soft glow – The original LEDs were known for emitting a blueish tint, but today’s LEDs are capable of producing the lush soft white glow that is often preferred with outdoor lighting.
  • Go green with LED – We are proud to use LEDs that will allow your business to project an image of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Our LED landscape lighting is much less likely to fail prematurely and is weather-resistant against extreme heat, cold and moisture from rain or dew because the source of light is built directly into the fixtures. Additionally, LED lights are uniquely flexible in that the intensity of their glow can be adjusted for a more refined appearance.


At Oregon Outdoor Lighting, we never want to leave your home or business in the dark. We recognize that conducting regular maintenance on your LED landscape display is essential for maintaining consistent and optimum performance. We offer both quarterly and annual service plans to keep your personalized display shining bright. This includes any cleaning and lubrication of parts, repair or replacements and adjustments to fixtures to retain proper focus.

Some customers choose our LED landscaping solutions in order to increase the curb appeal of their home by showcasing distinctive features and natural aesthetics after dark. Others are more practical-minded and would rather simply focus on providing sufficient lighting for pathways, stairwells and deck areas in order to improve safety on their property. Installing our LED landscape lighting can also help provide a sense of security for your home or business by making it difficult for intruders to enter your property undetected. So whether your style focuses exclusively on functionality and practical uses or you dream of dazzling the neighborhood with your sense of elegance and artistry, let our design and production professionals provide the equipment and expertise to customize your landscape lighting to your own personal specifications and vision.

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