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We are aware of how difficult it can be to govern a neighborhood in Vancouver, Washington. Therefore, the team at Association Management Services does its best to manage efficiently and build strong relationships between neighbors. Besides, AMS in Vancouver (https://ams-nw.com/hoa-management-vancouver-wa/) thrives in forming a significant correlation between neighborhoods and other boards in general. Their team works hard to give back the best returns on the association’s investment, and in the process, the community will find value in their services.

What is an HOA?

Persons residing in Vancouver, Washington, might need to share specific responsibilities depending on the number of housing units in the community. They might also need to share our view on how we will govern particular properties in the neighborhood. A team at Association Management Services will then form HOAs to come up with governing rules that the people in our communities need to follow. The rules are under the governing bodies such as state, the federal government, and other governing documents. HOA often oversees the maintenance of specific amenities and other common areas.

At AMS, they value the duties of HOA managers and the services they provide to our communities in Vancouver, Washington. In general, the HOA team is the face and the voice of the community members, and they will work with a dedicated team of members that work hard to strengthen our community. Neighborhoods in Vancouver can turn to AMS if they are in search of financial and developer services. At AMS, they will provide the tools, resources, and contacts to take care of HOA.

What are the roles of HOAs?

A common thing among our HOA personnel is that they own some form of property in Vancouver, Washington. In HOA organization, there are the HOA members and an HOA board. The members often propose and agree on specific subjects, while the board is in charge of ensuring the members maintain and meet specific community responsibilities. Some of the typical HOA responsibilities in our neighborhood include:

  • To keep the common areas such as swimming pools, cafeteria, and playgrounds
  • They set a given limit on the fee that the neighbors will pay as maintenance fee for security or trash collection
  • They obtain the necessary insurance policies for the respective common areas
  • They set a budget limit for individual jobs that HOA performs
  • They hire and fire staff and contractors in the neighborhood

Sometimes, the HOA may find that these tasks are overwhelming, and may seek the help of a property manager or a property management company.

What is a property management company?

Sometimes, they may opt to have both HOAs and property managers. However, the HOA may appoint the Property Manager, or the property manager may have some rentals, apartments, or flats in the community. The property managers in a community might have several duties, such as overseeing the payment of staff or contractors and regular communication with the community members.

Most HOAs will go out of the way to give warnings if they do not meet state rules in the community. Typically HOA teams also look out for each other and work together to ensure each HOA member receives wages on time. The HOA team will also ensure that our community members get the right treatment at the right time, such as timely mowing of lawns or trash collection.


At AMS, they provide Vancouver residents and their HOAs access to information from several devices. The HOA board members will be able to access important updates and other documents, and their residents can make online payments and valuable access information on online platforms.

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